Good Good Company

Food, beverage, good times and better company. A boutique hospitality group celebrating good culture, good people, good product and good service. Genuine connections and memorable experiences. Good Good is the refocused and rebranded umbrella company of your favourite local food and drinks venues, including: Chica Bonita, Sunset Sabi, Busta, Winona Wine and Very Very Goods.

GGC engaged us to create the brand identity, collateral and website design for this project. Our vision for the identity was to create a bold and memorable brand with a contemporary undertone. The branding uses four symmetrically stacked ‘o’s to create the words ‘Good Good’, this motif is then pulled out to become key iconography for the brand. The ‘o’s reference the idea of a table of four friends or the location of four establishments. They also hint at the shape of ‘records’, referencing good music and ambience. The concept also uses a house-like icon which holds the motifs, clearly referencing the umbrella nature of the company, all the businesses sitting under one roof. Furthermore, the icon also flips to become an arrow, talking the momentum and constant expansion and innovation of the group.

Good Good Company, how good.

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