Roadbloc is a bespoke workshop for cars, specialising in paint protection and auto detailing. The service provides a trustworthy, consistent, high quality simple and enjoyable solution for automotive owners. The family owned and run business is operated by a small team of passionate and hard working individuals who genuinely love and care for each client and car. By enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

We were engaged to work on a fresh brand identity and facelift for the company. We wanted the rebrand to feel contemporary and eye-catching with a refined maturity. The hero logo and icon plays on the idea of a road or highway in a simple elegant motif, the icon also becomes two reflected ‘R’s’ and lastly triples as the headlights of a car. The icon is paired with a structured sans-serif typeface to create a modern lock-up. Furthermore, the direction plays on the idea of light and movement through a custom gradient artwork that uses the brand’s core colours.

Roadbloc, paint protection you can rely on.

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