Very Very Goods

Very Very Goods is an artisan ‘goods’ import and distribution business. A celebration of human creativity and human creation. Sourcing the very best in foods, beverages and objects to offer a curated collection of goods for life, and for living. VVG works closely with independent makers who care deeply for their craft, with an emphasis on small and slow; the human hand, and the human heart.

VVG engaged us to help with the brand identity for the project. Our vision for the branding was to tell a story around the ‘pieces’ that have been missing in your life. VVG does the hard work for you to fill these ‘spaces’ in your life and home. This idea is shown through a pie-graph style graphic language, using circular shapes as imagery windows and colour pops. The above idea is paired seamlessly with a fun and eye-catching 90s style colour palette and hero calligraphy logo, which nods to a slower/hand made era.

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