Freshie Precinct

Located 17km north of the city of Sydney, Freshwater, affectionately known as ‘Freshie’, is a suburb known for it’s beaches and lifestyle. Freshwater has a rich surf history stretching for more than 100 year and is where surfing was popularised in Australia by Hawaiian “Duke” Kahanamoku, the first person on record to surf an Australian wave. With surf breaks that are famous worldwide, it’s aspirational daytime lifestyle, night time experiences, great food, delicious drinks, a beautiful beach, boutique stores and healthy living, there’s an infinite number of reasons to visit Freshwater.

We wanted Freshie’s branding to be clean and refined, whilst remaining eye-catching and engaging, creating a clearly identifiable brand. The branding concept explores the world of ‘Fresh’. Fresh days, fresh nights, fresh food, drinks, goods and the list goes on, encapsulating a holistically ‘fresh life’. This idea is visualised through key graphics and iconography that illustrate the core motifs relevant to the suburb. The graphic elements are rolled out through the use of patterns, stamps, and a suite of key lock-ups. The typography uses a combination of soft sans-serif’s and sleek serifs giving a slight heritage feel to the brand and reinforcing an established look for the precinct. All of these ideas are grounded with thoughtful layouts and tasteful colour usage.

Welcome to Freshie, the birthplace of Australian surf and soul.


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